September 23, 2023


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There are lots of reason why the world is going mad after online shopping.  There are some top bargains, which you are going to get there.  You get secure shopping sites, shipping is fast, cash on delivery, discounts etc.  Shopping was never so convenient and easier for the consumers.  But still there are some bad guys out there who can spoil all your fun of online shopping and hack your account details. Here are few tips that will help you with safer online shopping.

Look for the lock

Never use your credit cards on the site that is not having secure sockets layer encryption. There will an icon of a padlock that will appear on the status bar at the bottom of the web browser or next to the URL.  This is going to depend upon the browser you are having.

Use sites you are familiar with

You must start shopping with the site you trust instead of starting on the browser directly.  If you are well aware of the site, then you know it is not going to rip off.  Also, beware of misspelling of the words like. Com or .net.  There are many who trick their consumers using top domain names.

Don’t tell everything

Online Shopping

There is no online shopping store on the web that will need your birthdays or social security numbers.  But crooks are definitely going to need them and will do a lot of damage after having hands on your important details. The more they are going to know about you the more easily it is going to get for them to fool you.  So, make sure that your work is done with the least information.

Check your statements

There are many who wait for the statements until the end. You must be going online frequently especially during the holiday season and get e-statements of your debit card, credit cards and also check your accounts. It is important that you do not see any fraudulent charges even it is from a reputed site.  If you see anything wrong, then you must address this issue to the authorities.  You must be notifying your bank within 30 days.

These are the few ways by which you can keep your accounts safe and have a safer online shopping experience.  These tips are going to keep you safe. The more you are aware of the safe online shopping the best it is going to be for you to shop online. There are many who are not afraid of online shopping and taking full advantages of it.  You also can avail the same by paying more attention to the security tips.